“Everything is More Beautiful When it’s Made with Heart”

At Pietermaritzburg Mental Health, we aim to empower our service users to reach their full potential, regardless of their disability, by teaching them new skills or uncovering their hidden talents such as knitting, sewing, painting, woodwork, etc. We provide them with a supportive environment in which to nourish and grow their skills into a small business. Every item begins as an idea that is brought to life by the hands of our very own service users. It is a true expression of their creative spirits, each piece as unique as the individual who made it. Every item you choose to purchase is one-of-a-kind with variations in colour, material, texture and shape, crafted in an environment of support, passion and love. Support us by purchasing some of the handmade products below which our service users spend hours hand tailoring to perfection. Your purchase is meaningful: to buy our handmade products is to affirm the skillsmanship of our service users, help raise the profile of people with disabilities, ensure sustainability of our programs and give wings to their creative spirits.

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